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We have a long standing relationship with Hydac to offer you the full range of filtration and system monitoring equipment.

Hydac International was founded in Germany in 1963.

The product range has grown considerably over the years but continues to complement most manufacturers, with some minor overlaps.

Hydac remains a key supplier to the Hydraulic and Process industries, turning over in excess of 455M Euro per annum, whilst sustaining continued global growth.

Over 40 years of experience on the most demanding of projects in diverse sectors of industry, Expertise includes Tank Furniture, Filler Breathers, High Pressure Stainless Steel Filtration, Bladder Accumulators, Piston Accumulators and Systems Engineering.

What Do We Stock?

Hydac Filtration Technology

Filtration Technology

Components and systems for filtering solid, liquid and gaseous contamination and for extracting water from hydraulic, lubricating, non-flam and biological operating fluids.

HYDAC filtration products fulfil market demands for:

  • High particle separation over a wide differential pressure range
  • Low pressure drop, also during cold starts
  • High collapse stability
  • Reduced installation dimensions
  • Machine-specific housings
  • Low weight
Hydac Filter Systems

Filter System Technology

Total air/oil separation, internal shock pads, fill and high pressure gage couplings, hose assembly and disconnect, all CNC machined heavy duty construction, two(2) mounting styles and a 12 month warranty.

Mobile and stationary components and units for:

  • Separation of solid, gaseous and liquid contaminant from hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils and emulsions. Extended maintenance intervals and service life of operating media.
  • Monitoring, analysis. diagnostics and documentation of operating conditions for the original equipment and retro-fitting of machines and systems.
  • This range has been developed from practical applications and experience through extensive field trials and laboratory testing.
Hydac Process Filter

Process Filtration Technology

Components, elements and systems for separating low and high viscosity fluids, aggressive fluids and gaseous media.

Our application-based products are founded on process- specific engineering, computer-aided, simultaneous designs, followed by testing and certification in laboratories and test rigs specially equipped for process technology.

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