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Armstrong Lyon have successfully completed some of the largest Enerpac projects ever carried out in the UK. We are one of the longest serving UK distributors for Enerpac equipment, offering you a range of products including high pressure pumps and high tonnage cylinders.

Enerpac is the recognised global market leader in high pressure hydraulics but also provides a number of other solutions for the manufacturing, processing and construction industries.

Hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves, presses, tools, bolting tools, accessories and system components are just some of the products that are produced and being an authorised distributor we stock numerous parts and tools.

Enerpac has a product range ideal for production, maintenance and repair environments. Its success story dates back to 1910 when Enerpac produced water pumps for the legendary Model T-Ford motor car. They have come a long way and diversified into numerous markets since then.

As a hydraulic component manufacturer Enerpac’s reputation for hydraulics first started in the early 1920s when it introduced a range of hydraulic jacks.

Today, dedicated teams of individuals are working on each continent – focusing on product development for specific industries and applications. If you are lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, bending, holding, stressing, cutting, pressing, punching, spreading or bolting; the chances are Enerpac has a product suitable for your application.

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